Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Aquarium Love

This was a nice chance for me to get some cool shots of some fishys and their buddies. So i brought my Canon Rebel XT and tried to get up close and personal. It was alot of fun until....the battery died. Just a little too much flash for the day, but this is what came out of it. enjoy amigos

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


this shot was obvious nice colors g00d shapes but pretty basic. ill take it though.


so this one is cool i have no clue why but if you look hard enough ya can catch this cool lil bug chillin solo.

Ouch Again!

i knelt into another cactus while i took a picture of this one.
I think it was worth it, i wish that flower was in bloom but this is good enough for me.


so this lil bugger took me a while to get right but it was worth it. boy are they fast.

so i saw these branches and said why not take a picture of it, that green and dark red look nice. or something like that. and this was the result.


watch out there's spiders with 7 feet from you!